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eWOCK: cost effective websites for Australian Small Business.

eWOCK is an on-line do-it-yourself web building, hosting and content management product. The website you are viewing now was built entirely using the eWOCK system. eWOCK requires no software and is designed around the principle of being very easy to use and very affordable. We offer a money back guarantee, with prices from $840.

eWOCK puts control back in the hands of website owners. Now there is no need for expensive outsourcing and updates/changes can be made on a daily basis for absolutely no cost.

In fact eWOCK is so easy to use virtually any member of an organisation can build and maintain a site. But it is also powerful enough for experienced web builders.

An eWOCK site can be anything from a simple information site to a sophisticated e-commerce site with secure transaction facilities. And as you'll discover, a large range of plug-ins are available including Search Engines, News Links, Shopping Carts, News Feeds and Advertising Banners, just to name a few. If you want, you can have your clients and suppliers advertise on your site. This is a great way to strengthen your business relationships and even turn your site into a profit centre.

Colours and themes from a continually growing image library is available. Users can incorporate their own logos, corporate colours, photographic images and product ranges. Product catalogues can even be downloaded from your site.

Another feature of eWOCK is the Flexipage Editor (pictured above), a purpose designed page editor, to make designing even easier. 

An eWOCK site can save a you thousands of dollars over the years.  Because our subscription based service is continually being developed and improved you will have an ever improving website.

eWOCK also provides a range of extended services that will help you create a more professional website. We also cater for businesses who have their own website or simply need to improve or upgrade their hosting and e-mail facilities.

Please contact us for further information about how you can start building a smarter website today with eWOCK.

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